Things I’m Learning About Faith

Reagan is my dog. I was cooking breakfast for the two of us one morning. He was going to have his own piece of buttered rye toast and egg and piece of sausage. (Please don’t judge me!) Today was going to be special in that way. No leftovers only, but something much better. He didn’t know what was coming, but he was familiar with the routine. I also use these morning opportunities to reinforce his obedience to voice commands.

And, the Holy Spirit got my attention about how identical was this experience playing out to how God is with me. And how important it is for me to FAITH God the Father and His infinite goodness to me. His plans for me. His preparations in the details of my life — all for my good. Staggering realities.

I had good things just ahead for Reagan, but he had to wait until the time was right in my judgment. Today’s breakfast was going to be special, but he had no way to know that. It seemed ordinary and routine, but turned out so much better.

The food at first was too hot for Reagan. He knew it was ready, but he patiently waited and trusted that I would provide it to him when the time was right.

When I was ready to give him his breakfast, I required that he obey my commands to LOOK, SIT, and DOWN before he got his food.

THE REALITY of his blessing, (breakfast food), was already accomplished long before I started cooking. I had made up my mind to do it. Before I started. Before there was any sign of breakfast. It was a COMPLETED REALITY before it physically existed. Reagan trusted I would do good for him — not knowing what shape today’s breakfast (blessing) would take. And, because I love my dog I enjoy doing good for him, and surprising him at times with unexpected blessings. And it PLEASES me, his master, to see him patiently waiting. And listening for my instructions, and obeying my commands. And knowing that he trusts me to do good for him at the right time.

With these thoughts I believe I am nibbling around the edges of FAITH. That without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. It’s about . . . . .

GOD IS. PERIOD. God exists. God is real. God spoke the world, the universe into existence. By His command. God created something out of nothing. Visible out of invisible. Order, beauty, life. By the word of His mouth. I can trust Him.

GOD IS ETERNAL. He is the “I AM.” He is real in 3 persons– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He is real in time and space– eternally present –past, present, and future. He is God in my personal past; HE WAS THERE. He is present in my right now; HE IS HERE. He is present in my not yet, my future; HE IS THERE. I can trust Him.

GOD KNOWS what is ahead for me. The things He has planned (Jeremiah 29:11). He knows my thoughts (Psalm 139:2). He knows the very words that I will speak–before I even speak them (Psalm 139:4). He hems me in–behind and before–and has laid His hand on me (Psalm 139:5). He is “I AM” in my past. He is “I AM” right now. He is “I AM” in all my tomorrows. He knows what I need. I can trust Him.

So, faith means I trust, follow, obey, and wait on God. And in the knowing and the living of today in step with the Great I AM who is with me, and for me, and in me, and around me– I will:
*Walk and talk in the joy of this reality
*Live into the reality of what God has already ordained for this day.

What a way to live! I can trust Him. And so can you.
Thank you, God!